2020 Scholarship Winners


Congratulations to YMTA’s 2020 Norm Manly Maritime Education Scholarship recipients!

Collin Wojahn – $5,000 (CAMM)

Nate Metcalf – $4,000 (Ocean Peace, Inc.)

Jace Marquardt – $3,500 (Goodfellow Foundation + Mike Inman)

Paige Aagaard – $3,000 (Foss Maritime)

Mathew McColl – $2,500 (Fremont Boat Co. + Elliott Bay Design Group)

Jacob Day – $2,000 (Goodfellow Foundation)

Jamie Wright – $1,000 (Goodfellow Foundation + Philips Publishing Group)


Special thanks to our 2020 Scholarship judges: Captain RJ Klein (Council of American Master Mariners), Alexa White (Ocean Peace, Inc.), Margie Freeman (Fremont Boat Co.), Steve Scalzo (Foss Maritime) and Bobby Wein (SSA Marine) and our scholarship sponsors: CAMM, Ocean Peace, Inc.), Goodfellow Foundation, Foss Maritime, Fremont Boat Co., Elliott Bay Design Group, Mike Inman, and Philips Publishing!